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With over 200,000 members globally, NetParty is The Worldwide Young Professionals Network.

We are best known for our NetParty "Networking with a Twist"® business / social networking event. As seen in Forbes ("Best of the Web"), this event is designed to combine business networking with social fun" and generally follows this format:

  • The first two hours of our events are like an extended "cocktail hour" with passed hors d’oeuvres at many events, drink specials, and low music conducive to business networking and making new connections.
  • Later, our events take on a more social atmosphere, with great music and conversation.

We sponsor other events for young professionals, as well, including Tech Night 2000™ (for startups and the people who love them), NetParty Social Club (our purely social event), NetParty Turbo (speed dating for business contacts) and more!

As seen in US News and World Report, we choose event venues that are "always cool including lounges, nightclubs, and mansions." However, we ensure that the music is never so loud so that you cannot converse comfortably.

In addition to our events, we also produce the 3 O'Clock High daily newsletter, geared to the business and social interests of young professionals, which curates the day's best global content and local happenings.

Membership and your first event are completely free. Just enter your email above. We look forward to having you join us!

About NetParty Team

NetParty Team

Jeff Strank Jeff Strank Founder

I’m a reformed attorney and a technogeek-wannabe. I’m a lot better looking than the people below me on this page which makes working together awkward. I attend many of our events across the country so if you have suggestions for us, please feel free to buy me a drink and then tell me. If you have any complaints about our events, please try to find Lynn or Kristen. It’s probably their fault. Most likely Lynn's.

We are expanding and will be soon launching a much more significant web presence. We are always looking for great people to join our team so feel free to email me at jeff at netparty.com.

Lynn Reich Lynn Reich Event Management / Sponsorship Director

I have nine years of event management experience and currently manage our Event Director Program. In my role as Sponsorship Director, I can put your product or brand in front of tens of thousands of young professionals nationwide both online and in-person at our events. If you want to reach this desirable demographic, please drop me a line at lynn at netparty.com.

Kristen Kos Kristen Kos Social Media Queen / Venue Outreach

I manage NetParty’s Social Media Program. I’m also always on the lookout for the newest, hottest and most interesting event venues. If you own or manage one and would like to host hundreds of young professionals after-work, you can reach me at kristen at netparty.com.

Pablo Ziliani Pablo Ziliani Project leader

I’m a programmer and graphic designer leading the charge to create what we hope will be a unique business/social networking online destination. Proud member of the Argentine group of Pythonistas (PyAr) since day 0.

Timo Timo Office Manager

I retrieve faxes. I shred faxes. I feel like I could do more, but let's just say I'm not particularly motivated and leave it at that.

NetParty Event Directors

You? You? Event director

Event Directors are the hub and curator of young professional life in their city. They must have a keen understanding of their city's happenings and its young professional life. Want to help us build the premier organization for young professionals in your city? Write us to jobs@netparty.com and tell us why you should be your city’s Event Director.